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Leadership Toolkits (WBL, ISC, ACL and Offender Learning) 

Who are they for?

LSIS online toolkits are an accessible resource tailored specifically to address some of the key organisational issues for adult and community learning (ACL) leaders; independent specialist college (ISC) leaders; work-based learning (WBL) leaders; and offender learning management in the Prison Service. 

The toolkits support and address the challenges of individual and whole organisational improvement. Each of them contains a wealth of regularly updated management materials to enable learning opportunities that support individual development and business operations. They are for members of leadership teams, middle managers and staff development managers who want to be leaders of outstanding organisations, and there are specific toolkits for WBL and ACL providers; independent specialist colleges and offender learning management.

An interactive demonstration of the toolkits is available to view online.

The toolkits are delivered online via the Leadership Learning Environment (LLE), at workshops and through online webinars. You can self register for the toolkits and registration is free.

Personal stories of how toolkits support improvement

A sector review, conducted in 2010, demonstrated a very positive response in terms of personal CPD; however the question was raised; how best to use the Toolkits for organisational development? So we put the question back to the sector and the response shows how innovative learning providers can be with our resources. They demonstrated how embedding LSIS Leadership Toolkits can impact on organisational improvement to the benefit of stakeholders.

See a showcase video presenting powerful accounts of the impact of the leadership toolkits.

Five case studies show how;

PRO VQ improves its E&D awareness in Work Based Learning

Strode College helps Offender Learners improve employability skillsWorkers’ Education

Association (North East Region) improves learning through creative thinking

Otley College improves their management skills

David Lewis college improves their quality for learners

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